Wealth Management through Charitable Giving?

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Is this is contradiction in terms? No, contributions to charity have been made easier through the IRA Charitable Rollover that is now permanent. Congress has extended the IRA charitable rollover and made it permanent. An individual can benefit in several ways. First, this rollover presents an easy way to help the causes you care the most about. With the IRA Charitable Rollover, an individual, you, can make a gift from your IRA account to help support the work of the charity you have chosen to support. Gifts made from your IRA account (up to $100,000 per year) are not reportable as taxable income. The required withdrawals RMD, (required minimum distribution) can go directly to the charity. These contributions, or gifts, are not reportable as taxable income. An RMDF going directly to a non-profit organization may lower both income and taxes. This is a mutually beneficial contribution.

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