As an experienced transactional law firm, Alexander & Associates adds value to clients’ business transactions. This includes reviewing or drafting contracts, purchase agreements, complex mergers, divisional purchases and much more. Alexander & Associates has provided excellent legal and business services for both privately-held companies and publicly-traded companies. Alexander & Associates is a specialized practice that provides clients with the knowledge and professional guidance needed in business transactions.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach: Alexander & Associates

Alexander & Associates understand the business, financial and economic aspects of the deal. This understanding helps them draft workable contracts, disclosure documents conduct due diligence and counsel clients on issues that require business savvy in addition to knowing the law. They draw upon the expertise of other practice groups within the firm for information relating to taxes, employment aspects and intellectual property of each transaction. Armed with this information, they are able to develop innovative strategies that provide significant advantages for their clients. This law firm implements a multi-disciplinary approach for both domestic and international clients.

Full Range of Legal Services

Alexander & Associates offers a full range of legal services for business clients, including:

  • The performance of due diligence
  • Addressing potential intellectual property legal issues
  • Structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing the business transaction
  • Obtaining shareholder and governmental approvals for transactions
  • Rendering advice on recapitalizations, such as split-offs and spin-offs
  • Reducing non-regulatory costs
  • Getting the deal done at the least possible cost

The attorneys at Alexander & Associates also ensure that the documents drafted precisely convey the intentions of the company and meet all the local law provisions. They spot irregularities and use their skill and knowledge to prevent their clients from having to deal with difficult issues down the road.

Pre-Liquidity Event Planning

Alexander & Associates helps clients position their investment assets and business assets for sale by providing pre-liquidity planning. As a matter of fact, the best time to plan for the tax consequences of an IPO of a company or sale is before the liquidity event. This law firm helps clients create a more tax-efficient structure to minimize estate taxes, capital gains and income tax with effective strategies and wealth transfer planning opportunities.

If you’re facing a business transaction, turn to Alexander & Associates for the best legal advice and representation. let their experience work for you.