Civil & Estate Litigation

When you’re involved with a dispute with a person or a business, oftentimes you may need to seek a legal remedy through litigation. While this may not be the preferable manner of settling disputes, it is often the only way to protect your rights and to recover financial damages.

Civil Litigation Issues

Civil litigation may be settled in either state or federal courts. The goal at Alexander & Associates is to guide their clients throughout the process and represent their interests and rights in court. Some of the types of civil litigation we provide legal help with include:

  • Estate disputes – when a dispute arises between the heirs of an estate, we’ll represent you throughout the entire process. Disputes can occur because of duplicate wills, wills that may have been fraudulently exercised or in some cases, when there is no will left by the decedent.
  • Real estate disputes – whether you’re in a dispute over property ownership, or an eviction, we represent you in California courts. We understand the complex laws that apply to real estate.
  • Business contracts – business owners who have suffered financially because of breach of contract need to hold the responsible parties accountable. We’ll represent your interests regardless of how complicated the issue may seem.
  • Personal injury – we can help hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable for your lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.

At Alexander & Associates, we’ve represented clients with a broad range of issues that require litigation. Some of the cases we’ve handled include complicated trust and estate litigation such as:

  • Trust and will contests
  • Claims based on lack of mental capacity or undue influence
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Claims to recover assets transferred from an estate
  • Accounting and surcharge hearings
  • Caregiver financial abuse of elders

At Alexander & Associates, we have a team of trial attorneys, estate planning attorneys, estate administration attorneys and taxation attorneys who have the experience necessary to handle these types of disputes whether they involve international or domestic trusts and estates. When you need legal help with federal and state tax litigation or any type of civil litigation assistance, contact Alexander & Associates at 858-373-5555 and let us help you determine the best way to proceed with your specific issue. We understand you may feel uncertain as to where to turn an we’re here to help ensure your rights are protected and whenever possible, to help you recover financially.