Tax Season 2017: Understanding Form 941

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Form 941 is an essential form for all employers that pay employees and withhold federal and FICA (social security and Medicare) taxation. In recent years, several changes to Form 941 have made it difficult to understand. The importance of reconciliation and completion of not only Form 941, but Schedule B, is becoming increasingly important for employers to avoid costly disputes … Read More

Wealth Management: Top Trends in the Coming Year

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Like everything else in our world, change is about to happen both more quickly and more frequently in the wealth management world. Those who adapt will survive, perhaps even thrive, under the changes ahead. Three things to look out for: 1. ROBO ADVISORS A close second in the headlines about emerging trends is the emergence of robo advisors. Like it … Read More

2016 Tax Highlights

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To avoid getting pennies back this season you must educate yourself on any new tax laws! This year’s Tax Law Update is much shorter than prior years, as tax laws have not changed much from 2015. We have created this great video to key you into some of the highlights to be aware of for this tax season.