7 Financial New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

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With this year coming to an end, it’s time to reflect and create goals for next year, from adopting a healthier lifestyle, to creating good habits, to improving financial wellness. If financial security is the goal, here are seven resolutions to start the New Year right. For more tips on financial planning, contact Alexander & Associates for a free consultation. … Read More

6 Tips for Managing Seasonal Spending

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As the year winds down, the holiday season comes into full swing. It’s easy to go overboard with gift buying and holiday activities and forget about the financial consequences of extra spending. This holiday season, sit down, create a plan and track expenses to ring in the new year without debt or a depleted bank account. Here are six smart … Read More

A Plan for Digital Assets

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A Plan for Digital Assets Every minute of every day, people are creating online accounts. The growth of social media is at an all-time high: at the time that this article was published, Facebook reported 2.0 billion monthly users, YouTube reported 1.5 billion users and Instagram, the fastest growing platform, reported 700 million. But what happens to all these accounts … Read More

The Importance of Wealth Management Planning

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The Importance of Wealth Management Planning While planning for a secure financial future is often a top priority, many people overlook the importance of estate planning, will preparation and other components of long-term wealth management. In fact, six out of 10 individuals pass away without a will. Unfortunately, without proper wealth management planning, individuals and families can lose large portions … Read More

Tax Season 2017: Understanding Form 941

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Form 941 is an essential form for all employers that pay employees and withhold federal and FICA (social security and Medicare) taxation. In recent years, several changes to Form 941 have made it difficult to understand. The importance of reconciliation and completion of not only Form 941, but Schedule B, is becoming increasingly important for employers to avoid costly disputes … Read More

Wealth Management: Top Trends in the Coming Year

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Like everything else in our world, change is about to happen both more quickly and more frequently in the wealth management world. Those who adapt will survive, perhaps even thrive, under the changes ahead. Three things to look out for: 1. ROBO ADVISORS A close second in the headlines about emerging trends is the emergence of robo advisors. Like it … Read More

2016 Tax Highlights

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To avoid getting pennies back this season you must educate yourself on any new tax laws! This year’s Tax Law Update is much shorter than prior years, as tax laws have not changed much from 2015. We have created this great video to key you into some of the highlights to be aware of for this tax season.

Wealth Management through Charitable Giving?

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Is this is contradiction in terms? No, contributions to charity have been made easier through the IRA Charitable Rollover that is now permanent. Congress has extended the IRA charitable rollover and made it permanent. An individual can benefit in several ways. First, this rollover presents an easy way to help the causes you care the most about. With the IRA … Read More

Charitable Donations from Your IRA

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One of the temporary tax provisions made permanent as part of the tax code in late 2015 is qualified charitable distributions from IRAs for those who have reached age 70½. Unfortunately in 2014 and 2015, the law was extended too late during the calendar year to reasonably use this tax law. In 2016 you have the ability to make a … Read More