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Located in Americas finest city, San Diego, California, Alexander & Associates was founded to provide superior wealth & legal services for both individuals and businesses. Is your wealth working for you or are you working for your wealth? Whether your concern is wealth building, estate planning and administration, probate, business planning and litigation. The hallmarks of Alexander & Associates include a higher standard of integrity, professionalism and a client-centered approach.

About the Team and Legal Services

Attorney Brian D. Alexander, founder and president of this team, well-known in the community and industry, Brian received his Juris Doctor, Brian has the reputable Master of Laws (LL.M.) in taxation. With over 20 years of specialized education, Alexander & Associates has the ability to provide clients with the latest informed tax counseling. Attorney Brian D. The team of Alexander & Associates has the ample range of legal and financial also stays up-to-date with the ever-changing tax laws. Expect the right answers to your questions and the best solutions for your tax needs. Alexander & Associates has the knowledge and experience to custom tailor solutions for all personal and business needs. The team at Alexander & Associates consists of paralegals, lawyers and is affiliated with California Tax Professionals, LLC.

Why Clients use Alexander & Associates

Individuals use Alexander & Associates because they can trust this law firm because of the high level of integrity compounded with cash favorable & practical solutions is Alexanders & Alexander’s hallmark. The attorneys at Alexander & Associates prepare trusts and wills according to client wishes and use legal strategies to preserve wealth, avoid probate and unnecessary taxes while maintaining compliance with the IRS tax code. Post-death estate administration can be a complex process made simple by our team. The team at Alexander & Associates counsels executors, trustees, and beneficiaries in court-supervised probate proceedings prepares estate tax returns and advises clients on an integral approach to wealth management to ensure a live long plan for welath building and estate planning for generations.

Businesses use Alexander & Associates because they can rely on the depth of knowledge of this team regarding tax consequences and liability issues that can directly affect both personal and business assets. Alexander & Alexander also defends audits and resolves adverse IRS and court rulings. Alexander & Associates also assists clients in choosing the appropriate entity, such as partnership or corporation. The team at Alexander & Associates provides on-going client education for compliance with state and federal requirements.

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